Contact Preferences

We wish to keep in contact with you by email and send you information from time to time about matters of interest to you as a member of Horizons.  Such communications are not normally sent by post, so email is the only way you will receive these communications, whether from Horizons nationally or from your local Centre about social events and outings.

Under data protection regulations, it is you who needs to give your consent to us to include you as an email recipient and also specifically to join our email list, if you have not done so already.

Please read the options below carefully and select the one that suits you best. Then click Join our Email List in the left sidebar and fill in the form to complete the process.  If you change your contact preference please complete both this form and the Join Our Email List form. The latter will provide a link after submission for you to amend your preferences.  The two forms are necessary as two separate systems are involved.

You cannot change the magazine format except by changing your contact preference as shown in the table below.  We will update the magazine format at the end of the month if necessary.

If you have any questions about what is best for you please do not hesitate to contact the Website Administrator.

Please note in particular:

The Horizons Magazine will be sent as a paper version to you in the post EXCEPT when you select the Receive Emails Only option below.  In this case you will be sent a link by email to access it electronically or you can view it on this website as a flip-book.

Valid preference combinations

Contact Preference

Magazine Format

Email Only


All Communications



Printed or No magazine

No Communications

No Magazine

If you change your contact preference please email the Website Administrator to change the magazine format option.

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