No more than the history of the Association, its future is equally important to us. 

There is a large number of former Group staff in receipt of pensions from the Group who have not joined Horizons.

Many ex-staff are also classed as "Deferred" pensioners, i.e., will receive a pension from the Group in due course.  If you are one such and are close to the date your pension is activated, why not contact us as well?

If you are one of those, we shall be delighted if you decide to join.  So why not contact us now by going to the Apply for Membership page now?


A Brief History of the Association

Thanks to Arthur Godbert, a pensioner of Southport, Lancs., the problems and difficulties of pensioners were raised in the then Midland Venture (later the Midbank Chronicle) with the suggestion that there should be a separate representation for pensioners on the Staff Association Committee.  The response was overwhelming, such that, at a re-union of retired staff of the Old City Bank Ltd., the Association of Midland Bank Pensioners was formed in 1949. Over 900 men and women pensioners joined the newly formed association.

Despite initial objections from the board and management of the Bank, the Association was soon conducting correspondence and meetings with them. Over the years and to this day, the Association has continued successfully to further the interests of its members with the management of the Bank. In 1955 the name was changed to Midland Bank Pensioners' Association.

In 1954, Robert Hampshire a retiring General Manager, and his wife, gave £150 to the Association for the purpose of creating a Benevolent Fund for distressed pensioners. The Fund quickly grew through gifts, donations and legacies. It maintained a close relationship with the Bank which was generous and sympathetic when the need arose. As well as financially helping pensioners during the year, the fund made Christmas gifts to those on low incomes.  In June 2013 the Fund was merged with the Bank Workers Charity .

From the beginning, the Association issued a bulletin to members and within a few years it grew into a magazine named The Pensioner. Now known as Horizons it is issued four times a year. The board and management of the Bank were known to read it, as indeed they do today.

In 1969 regions were formed containing one or more local centres with each region having representation on the newly formed Council.  Currently we have 36 centres. 

The Association's name was later changed to HSBC Bank UK Pensioners' Association.  In October 2017, the name of the Association was changed again in Annual General Meeting to Horizons - The Association for former HSBC employees, in  recognition of the fast changing nature of employment and pension patterns.  It currently has a membership of around 16,600.  In 2009, it celebrated its 60th anniversary with a Jubilee luncheon at the National Motor Museum in Birmingham.


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